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Who we serve


Discovering confidence

You're at your earnings peak, your career is established and your children are grown. You are beginning to focus less on growing your wealth and more how to safeguard it. Retirement is in sight and your priorities are beginning to shift. Maybe you are now finally able to travel more or buy that vacation home you have dreamed of. 

If you are nearing retirement and don't know if you can retire, when you should retire and how to retire well, allow us to partner with you to discover the confidence you need to prepare for and enter into retirement. 


Investing Essentials

-What impact will inflation have on your spending power in retirement--do you have enough?
-When should you elect Social Security and how does your retirement date effect it?
-Will your family be taken care of if something happens to you?

Portfolio Strategy

Generally composed of active and passive Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with a medium-to-long-term asset allocation. Individual stocks may be added. Controlling risk of retiring in a down market is a focus.

investment options

As your wealth has grown, so has its complexities. Whether you are trying to understand how to unwind company stock in a tax-efficient manner, how to make sense of your deferred compensation, how to lower your current tax bracket or how to simply develop a targeted plan for retirement, here at JWM we combine industry-leading financial planning tools alongside a CFP® Professional who knows you personally in order to answer your questions, show you solutions and provide you the confidence you are seeking. 

see how we can help you prepare