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Who we serve


Attaining peace of mind

Your priorities have shifted as your long-held identity in your career has faded. The impact of past decisions are now upon you, and you have a fresh opportunity to make the most of your wealth. You are likely seeking income stability and peace of mind. Perhaps your aim is to give back to your community, spend more time with loved ones or to leave a legacy. 

Navigating this new frontier, while incorporating social security, medicare, pensions, ever changing tax laws and the never before considered investments like individual bonds and even annuities can be challenging. Allow us to partner with you to help navigate this unique stage of life, working to ensure you don't outlive your assets, don't pay too much in taxes and can sleep well at night knowing your loved ones will be well taken care of.

Investment Essentials

-Are you maximizing your income brackets, while minimizing taxes?
-How confident are you that your money will be there when you need it most--downturns in markets, end-of-life care and more?
-Will you be able to leave a legacy to your family?

Portfolio Strategy

Generally composed of active and passive Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) with a short-to-long-term asset allocation mix. Tax-efficient income is a focus.

investment options

While we know no one person is alike in their desires and pursuits, there is a commonality among everyone in retirement and that is being able to sleep well at night knowing their financial future is secure, while enjoying the more important things in life. Well, here at JWM we combine industry-leading financial planning tools alongside a CFP® Professional who knows you personally in order to bring you the ultimate when it comes to your newfound financial independence--peace of mind. 

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