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Who we serve

Young Professionals

Seeking clarity

Typically defined as those under the age of 40, you're focused on paying down student loans, saving for a down-payment on a new home, building a long-term career, starting a family or preparing for your children's college education. 

Making even the slightest correction in savings and investing today, might make all the difference down the road. The challenge is discovering and maintaining long-term goals while ensuring that you still get to live and enjoy your life today. Allow us to partner with you to bring clarity to these important, early decisions in your life.

Investing Essentials

-Are you building your net worth, investing in appreciable assets?
-Are you saving toward retirement, in the right amount and in the right kind of account?
-Are you invested properly, receiving needed returns without taking unnecessary risks?

Portfolio Strategy 

Generally composed of low-cost, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with a long-term passive allocation. Individual stocks may be added. 

Investment Options

Whether you are buying your first home, still paying down student loans, just starting a family or beginning to save for your child's college education, here at JWM we combine industry-leading financial planning tools alongside a CFP® Professional who knows you personally in order to provide you the financial planning clarity you are seeking. 

How we can help you plan